oil change maintenence services

oil change maintenence services

Our Oil Changes Include:

oil change and maintenence services
  • Free 18 point inspection

  • Installation of a new oil filter

  • Air filter inspection

  • Cabin filter inspection

  • Perform brake fluid level safety check

  • Inspect PCV valve

  • Check transmission fluid

  • Check power steering fluid

  • Check and properly inflate tires

  • Lubricate chassis

  • Free battery inspection

  • Check wiper blades

  • Check belts and hoses

  • Check coolant and antifreeze

  • Check windshield washer reservoir

All FREE With Full Services Oil Change!!!

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engine diagnostic service
  • Stop-and-Go driving

  • Frequent city driving or trips less than 10 miles

  • Living on a dirt road or driving in dust or sand

  • Idling for extended periods

  • Pulling boats or trailers

  • Sustained high speed driving in hot weather

  • Cold weather that prevents full engine warm-up

  • Taxi, police, and ambulance-type driving