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Current Maintenance Specails

oil change and maintenence services

Cooling System Flush A vehicle's cooling system's main purpose to maintain correct operating temperature of the vehicle. If the cooling system malfunctions, it can cause it to over-heat or freeze-up. By replacing the engine coolant, it helps prevent your engine from overheating in summer weather and engine cracking from freezing in winter weather.
Automatic Transmission Flush Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) lubricates the gears and bearings inside the transmission and helps keep the parts clean and at operating tempetures. ATF also creates the hydraulic pressure necessary for the automatic transmission to operate, and contains additives that provide protection for the transmission under everyday driving conditions. Replacing your transmission fluid will keep your vehicle running longer and stronger.
Fuel Filter Replacement A clean fuel filter will assure you that dirt and debris will doesn't mix with the gas when it enters the fuel injectors or carburetor. The fuel system relies on clean gasoline for smooth acceleration and good fuel economy.
Fuel System Cleaner Performing a fuel system cleaning service helps to clean deposits and gummy muck from the fuel injectors or carburetor, intake valves, intake manifold and combustion chamber. A clean fuel system will help prevent engine hesitation, stalling, surging, problems idling, hard starting, reduce emissions, and may improve gas mileage.
Serpentine Belt Vehicles are equipped with a serpentine belt. The serpentine belt is responsible for transferring power from the engines flywheel to other pulleys of an engine in order to operate various components. A serpentine belt breaks due to wear and tear so have yours checked today to avoid being stranded.
Wiper Blade Replacement My Lube Experts proudly offers quality wiper blades and we install them for you. Having a clear view of the road ahead is important for the safety of you and your family.
Air Filter Replacement A clean air filter improves air flow to your engine, ensuring better performance, cooling, and fuel efficiency.
Cabin Air Filter Replacement A clean cabin filter helps keep the air inside your car clean. Dirty cabin filters result in more airborne particles, like pollen and dust, inside the cabin and can affect the performance of air conditioning systems and health of your passengers.

More Service Options

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  • Battery Testing & Replacement
  • Brake System Flushes
  • Light Bulb Replacement
  • PCV Valve Replacement
  • General Tune Ups
  • Transfer Cases
  • Power Steering Checkup and Service
  • Filter and Gaskets
  • Throttle Body And Plate Cleanup
  • Axle & Differential Service